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Name:your overseers.
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The Unterzee. The grand waters of the Neath, an abyss of eternal darkness and a thousand inhuman cultures. And nestled on the western edge of this underworld since the long-past days of Her Enduring Majesty, is the Fifth City. I remember when the zee-bats carried it down, hook and crook, as all the eyes of the world wa--

Oh, wait, is that your voice doing the screaming? Well, stop it. You’ve interrupted my night cap, and disturbed the rest of the cargo...oh, they’re screaming, too? And they’re claiming to be from parts unknown as well? Interesting.

Well, regardless of where you come from, your road has led you here. The terminus of your journey here is Fallen London, where Hell is close, immortality is cheap, and - well, aside from you - the screams have mostly stopped. What you do and where you go now, is mostly up to you. Just make sure to pay us back.

So, welcome.

Delicious friend.


London Bridges is a roleplaying game which takes place in the Fallen London/Sunless Sea universe, with an overarching plot that is guaranteed to be player-influenced. Your characters will wake up as marked cargo on a ship - and after that, the Neath ceiling is the limit as they become a part of the madness which is life underground. And who knows?

Maybe they'll end up keeping their souls for the entire adventure.


Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and all related intellectual properties are © Failbetter Games Ltd. This is an unofficial, fan-made game, and we make no profit from this project.

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